Today, with social media marketing catching on, and clients being impatient to get results, many marketers are resorting to “buying” Facebook Likes and Facebook Followers. It takes forever to build up the following organically, and the easiest way to show ‘efficacy’ of campaigns is to focus on vanity matrices viz. Followers, Likes, and Shares. The process of buying commercial likes and followers is fairly straightforward. Many sites offer these services, including reputable ones likeFiverr. You either pay upfront or top up a wallet for these very inexpensive services and sit back to watch the counter tick away.

Buying commercial likes is not a good idea and ends up hurting the credibility of the brand and the organisation in the long run.

  • Page-Rank:- Facebook’s algorithm checks on the ratio of users, and their interactions on the page. When there is a considerable mismatch between users and the engagement ratio, FB will consider the content to be worthless, and reduce its organic exposure; thus affecting the page rank further.
  • Analytics:- It skews the analytics, and yields little or no usable data from the page; because these ‘bots’ do not contribute to the activity. What is the age, gender demographics, interests, usage patterns of the users? All this information that is critical to targeting gets skewed if you are buying Facebook likes or Facebook Followers. Also, remember, when you run ad campaigns, you will be wasting your money as the audience wouldn’t be accurate, and most of all, it will also affect the strategy. Information about clients and potential buyers are one of the most valuable things you can build and own.
  • Credibility:- It would be very evident to most users that you have inactive and fake users when they see a considerable number of page likes and one digit likes on the posts.

It would be tempting to buy likes for the page to ‘improve’ the fanbase count, but the negatives of such a ‘strategy’ outweigh the positives by a large margin.

In the end, it is all about trust. People trust the brand and believe in it. If you fake it, they are bound to find out, and that rein a loss of credibility. If you need to speed up these matrices on your page, then invest in Facebook Advertising.

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