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Digital Marketing Tools – Which is the right one for you?

Digital marketing tools

There are thousands of digital marketing tools out there on the world wide web that has been designed to make the life of a marketer easy. They come in different shapes and sizes so to speak. There are cloud-based ones, stand-alone applications, web-based one to name a few. Pricing too is varied. They could be completely free, or they could follow a freemium model or just the plain old subscription.

Because of the plethora of digital marketing tools out there, the marketers often find it confusing to make a decision, and we will be endeavouring to address this exact pain point. Choosing any tool for that matter will require an investment of time and money. And in the process, selecting the wrong one makes it complicated to switch to the right one not to mention the hassle.

PaperCup Media will be posting our take on these tools in a series called The Freelancer Tools to help the freelancer cut through the clutter and make the decision to pick the tool that is best suited to their needs and more importantly, their wallet.

We would be covering not only digital marketing tools; we also intend to include other tools, the latest developments in the digital and online world, review books, podcasts, case studies of note among others. We may also add recommendations from AppSumo, Deal Fuel, Product Hunt to name a few.

With the breed of ‘digital nomads‘ increasing, it is essential that we have the right digital tools in hand, so that the nomad may live his or her life out the way they want without having to worry whether the next post or report is on time.

Watch this space for the latest from the world of digital!

Full Disclosure: At the time of writing this, we are, in no way affiliated to any of these sites or digital marketing tools.

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